Hustle. Achieve.

India Network is a platform for people from across the Start-up spectrum to CONNECT.

With a high focus on tier 2/ 3/ 4 /5 cities, it is a NETWORK where you can connect, collaborate and co-create, for India Network believes ‘Geography must not be a constraint for anyone to succeed and grow’. This platform is not just for entrepreneurs, but also for mavericks, aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, artisans, and students. Enabling the Start-up ecosystem, we connect them to MENTORS and Investors across the country as also host business owners and INFLUENCERS- forming an integral part of our dynamic community.

As a curated community of people who are positive, hungry for learning, helping the community, and wanting to make a dent in the universe, India Network with its strong presence of Investors, Mentors, Domain Experts, ENTREPRENEURS, and Students, continues to add, create value for every member.

Rahul Narvekar CEO & Founder: “India Network as a community focuses on tier-II, III, IV and V cities and towns-to create an ecosystem wherein entrepreneurs, business people, artists, artisans, students and other like-minded people can be connected via a data layer and using technology tools find synergies, connections, business and funding with the best globally.”

Knowing fully well the challenges and struggles faced in the nascent stage of an enterprise, India Network helps to build, grow and SCALE your agile strategy and venture. Our passionate mentors handhold your startup to disrupt the existing entrepreneurial ECOSYSTEM. The India Network-Manipur Ecosystem is a living and thriving example of the same.

Join India Network if you want to be connected with the best mentors, investors, evaluators in the industry to ACCELERATE your dream project.

We are the catalysts for your growth story.

India Network believes Hustle. Achieve.