CEO and Founder

A seasoned startup entrepreneur, having earned his stripes in Mumbai and accumulated a track record in Delhi, Rahul has enormous experience, proven experience, a success record to boot and with global attestations to back it up; with E-commerce out of India. He knows this space from its inception to where it is today.

Sporting a professional degree from IIM Calcutta, he will gleefully share with you all the hallowed rules he has learn and broke to write a new chapter in Indian E-commerce. His specialties are Startups, E-commerce, and Retail on the subcontinent. His special forte remains all elements of the retail experience be it online or physical. By extension, he has vast command of all aspects of real estate: Sourcing, Pricing, Negotiation, Buying, Leasing, Renting, and Development. Marketing malls in India is an exclusive space that he is completely conversant with.